30 Minute Hit Chilliwack

Eron Bob
My experience like so many involving Cancer was a tragic one that included the loss of a family member very dear to my heart taken far before her time. Cancer plagues our Nation and we often feel nothing but helpless when we are faced with the sadness it creates and the loss it often leaves us with.

We have a chance to work towards a day WITHOUT CANCER & I truly believe that we will see that day to come in our Future but we have to stand together and work hard to make this a reality! A day when the word Cancer does not make you scared. A day when we can say we truly KICKED THE *&%! OUT OF CANCER, and we were there to see it go down!

Join us in our journey and take part in this year’s KICK THE *&%! OUT OF CANCER, ROUND 2!

Eron Jaskow – 30 Minute Hit Chilliwack

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