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Kick Women’s Cancer 2014
What this fundraiser means to me:

Especially since opening 30 Minute Hit in Fort St. John I’ve met so many new and wonderful women. I have also have had the chance to talk to some friends and acquaintances who have courageously either battled cancer themselves, know of someone who has gone through it, or have lost loved ones to this disease. It affects every one of us in some form or another.

When I hear of women who have lost their mothers to cancer if affects me pretty deeply. I have had close friends who have lost their mothers to cancer and through supporting them in their grieving process I have felt their pain and sorrow. I worry about my own mother as she ages knowing there will come a time where I also may have to cope with this. It makes me very, very grateful for the time I still get to spend with her, as many others no longer have this privilege.

As we punch and kick or way through the 30 Minute Hit Circuit in October every dollar we raise will go to the BC Cancer Foundation!

So please join me in the fight to Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer with the entire 30 Minute Hit team and let’s raise some awareness and collect those pledges/donations to help fund this very important research!

Leesa Stellmaker – 30 Minute Hit Fort St. John

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