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30 Minute Hit Vernon

KICK THE *&%! OUT OF CANCER – ROUND 5! Why do I fight? I am one of the lucky ones. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes she beats it, and sometimes she loses the fight. I am lucky because although I have heard […]

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30 Minute Hit Laval

Maman, je ne sais pas où commencer pour te dire comment nous t’aimons et te manquons. Chaque année qui passe depuis que tu es au ciel est toujours aussi difficile pour nous. Ta famille et tes petits enfants pensent à toi chaque jour parce-que tu nous envois […]

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30 Minute Hit Kelowna

Here at Kelowna Hit, we are very excited about the upcoming cancer fundraiser. I am proud to say that my aunt recently fought and successfully beat cancer! After rounds of chemo and the amazing support and knowledge of the nurses and doctors at the cancer clinic, she […]

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30 Minute Hit Richmond

Every day people’s lives are touched by this horrible disease in some way or another. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this event to raise awareness and contribute to all research that will one day lead to a cure. It means so much to […]

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30 Minute Hit Red Deer

What does this event mean to us? Being the later generations of a long history of various types of cancer, we are very proud to support such a meaningful cause! It means that we get to support and encourage not only women within our HIT family but […]

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30 Minute Hit West Island

Dear mom, I cannot begin to tell you how much we love and miss you. As each year passes while you are in heaven watching over us, it has not gotten any easier. Your family and granddaughter think of you daily as you always send us gentle […]

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30 Minute Hit Spruce Grove

Dear Cancer: At 30 Minute Hit we are more than a workout, we are a connected family of courageous women and together we are strong. When you kick at us we will kick back! We will join together and fight with all we have to beat you. […]

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30 Minute Hit Fort St. John

Kick Women’s Cancer 2014 What this fundraiser means to me: Especially since opening 30 Minute Hit in Fort St. John I’ve met so many new and wonderful women. I have also have had the chance to talk to some friends and acquaintances who have courageously either battled […]

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30 Minute Hit Leduc

“I was only a young teen when cancer touched the lives of my family and it was something I will never forget. Since then I have seen and experienced more battles with this horrible disease than I ever thought I would. That’s why I fight to raise […]

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30 Minute Hit Chilliwack

My experience like so many involving Cancer was a tragic one that included the loss of a family member very dear to my heart taken far before her time. Cancer plagues our Nation and we often feel nothing but helpless when we are faced with the sadness […]

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