About Us

The 30 Minute Hit is so much more than just another women’s fitness routine. For the past 15 years we have been changing women’s lives when it comes to physical and mental fitness, and through this event we are excited to be able to help change the lives of women battling cancer as well.

Originally developed to fill a need for women looking for something more from their workout, we are proud to offer women a place to feel strong and empowered and through this charity event, direct that positive energy to change the lives of women around them.

Since their doors first opened at the original North Vancouver location, co-founders Deanna & Jackson Loychuk have been passionate about the ability of the 30 Minute Hit to inspire women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to achieve things they never thought possible. For more information on the 30 Minute Hit and the people behind its success, please visit www.30minutehit.com.