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Kick the *&$! Out of Cancer gives us and our members a chance to take the helplessness you feel when someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer or when you have to whiteness the terrible fight someone you care for has to put up to survive, let alone get their life back to some semblance of normal, and turn it into a feeling of empowerment and action.

The word hope comes up a lot. There’s often talk about having choice, having the choice to resign or to hope. Well, we say we have also the choice to do something, to join the fight of those who have been diagnosed and are fighting the fight of their lives. And that’s what it means to us to join this fundraiser: the chance to contribute what we can do the fight of so many women.

The word fight often comes up also, so it seems appropriate that we kick and punch our way through this fundraiser for so many reasons. Let alone the symbology of fighting itself, the chance to give your frustration, your anger, that helplessness an outlet will be hugely beneficial aside the coins raised. Not only that, we already have a community at the Hit, and community is what gets you through tough times. We have fight, we have an outlet for our frustration, anger, and helplessness, we have community – and we are going to use all those things to contribute to the solution. Come join us!

Danika Bertelli – 30 Minute Hit Halifax

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