30 Minute Hit Vernon

KICK THE *&%! OUT OF CANCER – ROUND 5! Why do I fight?

I am one of the lucky ones. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes she beats it, and sometimes she loses the fight. I am lucky because although I have heard others’ stories and have been touched and saddened by them, this disease is yet to directly affect my life. I will fight to keep it that way!

I will fight for all those who cannot fight for themselves any longer. I will fight alongside everyone who is punching and kicking for loved ones. I will fight for a future that is cancer free.

I will fight for the life and health of my children. I will fight for my own life – that I will see my children grown up and live full healthy lives. I will fight so that my grandchildren can bounce on my knee and listen to me read.

This fundraiser is about coming together in the spirit of strength and camaraderie to fight for the future we all believe in. The future we all deserve.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

Kristi Bieber – 30 Minute Hit Vernon

30 Minute Hit Laval

Toni and Robert Button - 30 Minute Hit Laval

Maman, je ne sais pas où commencer pour te dire comment nous t’aimons et te manquons. Chaque année qui passe depuis que tu es au ciel est toujours aussi difficile pour nous. Ta famille et tes petits enfants pensent à toi chaque jour parce-que tu nous envois toujours le signe 1:1.

Il y a déjà 4 ans que ma mère était admise à l’hôpital. C’est à ce moment que nous avons appris que maman se battait depuis longtemps contre cette épouvantable maladie. Elle avait gardé le secret de sa bataille et voulais nous épargner de tous ces soucis. Je visitais Calgary régulièrement et je ne voulais pas y croire que ceci arrivait, que je devais planifier son admission dans l’unité palliative. Les docteurs, les infirmières ont tous été formidables et nous ont tous supporter. Maman, tu es remarquable, forte et courageuse. Je suis fier, honoré et privilégiée d’être ta fille – Toni.

À 30 Minute Hit à Laval, nous avons rencontrés plusieurs femmes très courageuses qui ont combattues où été affectées par le cancer d’une manière ou autre. C’est à travers leurs vies et leurs victoires que nous bâtirons notre force.

Nous sommes fiers de faire partie de l’équipe 30 Minute Hit et de cette levée de fond pour le cancer du sein. Ceci est notre opportunité de tenir tête à cette maladie, de nous battre contre elle et de faire une différence. Ensemble, nous sommes fortes. Joignez-vous à 30 Minute Hit Laval et battons-nous contre le *&% de cancer. Vous pouvez aider en amassant des dons et en donnant pour cette cause.

Tous les argents amassés seront remis à la Fondation Cancer du Sein du Québec.

Merci beaucoup!

Robert and Toni Button – 30 Minute Hit Laval

30 Minute Hit Kelowna

We all know someone who is fighting cancer whether it a family member, a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance.  I have been touched by many people fighting the hardest fight of their lives and I am so thankful to be apart of such an amazing fundraiser. I want to help fight the fight and hope you will join me in Kicking the  *&%!  Out of Cancer!  

Lindsey Groenesteyn- 30 Minute Hit Kelowna

30 Minute Hit Richmond

Every day people’s lives are touched by this horrible disease in some way or another. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this event to raise awareness and contribute to all research that will one day lead to a cure. It means so much to me, not only to help find a cure, but to also bring the community together. We are stronger in numbers and when we work together wonderful things can happen! Kick the*&%! Out of Cancer will help support all the women out there who are fighting and with each HIT I know we WILL make a difference. So join me in supporting all the amazing and hardworking ladies at 30 Minute Hit who are ready to FIGHT BACK!!

Celia McGrath & Stacey Firth – 30 Minute Hit Richmond

30 Minute Hit Red Deer

Red Deer for Kick Cancer

What does this event mean to us? Being the later generations of a long history of various types of cancer, we are very proud to support such a meaningful cause! It means that we get to support and encourage not only women within our HIT family but women everywhere! It means that we have the chance to force this malicious disease out of our family line so our future children and grandchildren do not have to experience the struggles that generations before us have. We have the opportunity to stand together and fight this fight together, because together we are STRONG! Join us in punching, kicking and sweating our way to a cure! Watch out cancer, we are coming for YOU!

Jen & Lori – 30 Minute Hit Red Deer

30 Minute Hit West Island

Leduc for Kick Cancer

Dear mom, I cannot begin to tell you how much we love and miss you. As each year passes while you are in heaven watching over us, it has not gotten any easier. Your family and granddaughter think of you daily as you always send us gentle reminders and our symbolic 1:1.

Less than three years ago, my mom was admitted to hospital. It was only then that we learned that she’d been fighting this ugly disease. She’d kept this secret from us to protect us and dealt and fought with this on her own. I was back and forth between Montreal and Calgary in shock and denial for those three weeks planning her palliative care which never happened. The hospital, doctors and nurses were phenomenal and so supportive. Mom, you are a remarkable, strong and self-less lady. I am so honored, privileged and proud to be your daughter.

At 30 Minute Hit, West Island, we have met so many wonderful and courageous women battling and/or affected by cancer themselves through family and friends. It is through their stories and victories that we build strength and remain inspired.

We are so proud to be part of 30 Minute Hit and the Fight against Cancer campaign. This is our time and opportunity to fight back, come together and make a difference. Together, we are strong. Please join us in the fight to Kick the *&%! Out of Cancer with the entire 30 Minute Hit team through raising awareness and collecting pledges/donations to help fund research, support and services towards putting an end to this ugly disease!

Every punch, hit and kick counts with all proceeds going towards Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Merci beaucoup!

Robert and Toni Button – 30 Minute Hit West Island

Laurie Sam – On April 16th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Laurie SamMy name is Laurie Sam, I am 29 years old. This year started off like any other, but soon turned into one of the most challenging years of my life. But the completely cliché term, “what doesn’t kill makes you stronger”, seriously rings true! I joined the Hit in January when they opened the doors to their Port Moody location with a new year’s resolution to shape up for my wedding in August. I wanted to look my best and feel my best on one of the best days of my life. I was to marry my fiancé, Tyler, on August 4th 2013. He is one of the hardest working, caring men I know, with crazy gorgeous eyes that I find myself lost is so many times. What happened next blew those plants out of the water.

In April I found myself awake at nights worrying about something I had randomly felt one night in bed. It was a lump on my left breast. I told my family and Tyler about it, and made an appointment with my doctor. I went in for an ultrasound and a mammogram (ouuuch) that concluded I needed a biopsy for further investigation. I was nervous wreck at this point, but going to the Hit sure was a healthy distraction and release of stress and worry.

On April 16th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks everyone for all your support! The surgery went well and am working hard to recover! I miss the hit terribly!!! But I am so so glad that my spirit was hitting alongside all of my fellow hitters kicking the shit out of cancer! I’m sore In a lotta places but am in full recovery mode! It’s been a rough ride and I’m anxious about the pathology report…. But sooner rather than later I will be cancer free! We women all got the eye of the tiger rising up to the challenge of our rivals!

30 Minute Hit Spruce Grove

Leduc for Kick Cancer

Dear Cancer: At 30 Minute Hit we are more than a workout, we are a connected family of courageous women and together we are strong. When you kick at us we will kick back! We will join together and fight with all we have to beat you. We will not give up because you have caused too much pain and heartache in our lives and the lives of those we love. This October we will unite and fight to Kick The *$%! Out Of Cancer.

Chantel Giles – 30 Minute Hit Spruce Grove

30 Minute Hit Windermere

“I was only a young teen when cancer touched the lives of my family and it was something I will never forget. Since then I have seen and experienced more battles with this horrible disease than I ever thought I would. That’s why I fight to raise awareness and funds each and every year and why I am so excited to take this opportunity to literally Kick the #@$% out of Cancer with 30 Minute Hit! I’m so proud to say that our members and trainers at both the South Edmonton and Leduc locations members will join together to support this important and necessary cause this October. Join us!”

Bree Evans – 30 Minute Hit Windermere

30 Minute Hit Chilliwack

This event to me, means our community coming together to support this very important cause.  It doesn’t matter who you talk to, everyone has had a friend, Mother, sister, daughter, Aunt or Grandmother who has had or is fighting cancer.  Research has come a long way, but there is still more to do.  I believe in supporting this event to help women now and in the future so we can one day live in a world without fear of the word cancer.  Please join me, along with all our 30 Minute Hit family to Kick the *&%! out of Cancer!

Jodi Lymburner- 30 Minute Hit Chilliwack