30 Minute Hit Halifax

My personal story about cancer does not have a happy ending.  My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 years ago -he passed away just weeks afterwards. It was amazing to see how dignified and strong he was right through to the end.  In those last few weeks, it was truly humbling to see the never ending flow of family and friends who came to say goodbye to my Dad, and his bravery and spirit during this time was so inspiring it brings me to tears every time that I think about it.  My father decided not to fight the inevitable, instead he used his time and energy to inspire others to love every minute of life that we have. He was grateful for every moment that he had lived and encouraged everyone to live their best lives now. His message was to be kind and to do good, to live in the now, and to do what make you happy.  I am so pleased to be part of an organization that believes in these same values and supports a charity that fights to give everyone as many moments as possible.  With every HIT in October, I know that I am positively contributing to a worthy cause and that my father would be proud of the work that we are all doing to kick the *&%! out of cancer.  It makes me HIT more and it make me HIT harder!

Jodie Peck – 30 Minute Hit Halifax