30 Minute Hit Port Moody

Cancer touches the lives of millions of people. The word hits home for me (Kim) personally. I remember the roller coaster of emotions running through me when I found out that I was pregnant with my firstborn and that my dad was diagnosed with cancer, all in the same week. My dad battled hard for 11 months, but lost his battle in 2013. Just 2 years after he passed away, I found out that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I got the news from my mom, my heart just sank. I thought, how could my family be going through this again just after losing our dad. 
I just want to let everyone know that they aren’t alone in this battle. We will stand by you, fight with you, and battle with you. I thank God everyday that he has given my mom the chance to live and breathe life to the fullest. To make more memories with us, to be able to laugh and see her grandchildren grow. My mom has been cancer free for 3 years now! Thank you for all the support from our family, friends and communHity! I want my kids to grow up to be strong fighters and to never give up just like their papa and grandma!
To all women going through this journey, we’re ready to Kick the *%&! Out of Cancer for you one HIT at a time! Let’s win this battle together!

Laura Cindric, Alayna Stewart, Kim Anderson – 30 Minute Hit Port Moody